Using Words to Relay My Story

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There are many potential reasons for someone to write. Their goal could be to inform others, to express themselves creatively, or to grab the emotions of readers. Writing could be a platform to display a company or words to empower people. It’s hard to truly grasp the power written words have.

A brief look at human history shows words have the power to grant the freedom to live and the power to take life away. Words have helped topple governments, remove leaders, and shape societies. It’s wild to think something so simple can have such amazing power.

This has made me wonder:

Why do I write?

I have gone through this question quite a few times over the past few years and each time the answer is a little different. Each time the aspects of writing that I identify with change a little. In some ways, my answer to this question mirrors the stage I’m at in life, which leads me to the first reason I write…

Understanding Myself

Every time I sit down to write, I develop a slightly better understanding of myself. To start, I have to identify things that I feel are true, important, or inspirational. These are where my ideas come from. I’m not going to write something if I think the information has been worthless in my life. Everything that I write feels true and relevant at the moment I’m writing it. Finding that truth usually requires some reflection on the thoughts and lessons that had been sticking with me up to the moment of writing that article.

 Writing forces me to go through and organize these thoughts in a way that feels true to me. As I write, I often find I’m forming my own ideologies and methods or reminding myself of an important practice I had forgotten about somewhere along the way. Much of my writing has forced me to question whether I really believed something was true. It has made me ponder the words I use to describe my ideas and goals.


The truth is I enjoy most of the writing process. I enjoy going through my thoughts. I enjoy finding words that I feel best express the message I am trying to get across. I like creatively expressing myself through writing.

I just like writing words. I often go to my journal during a free moment just because I want to. I write about my day, where I am in life, random story ideas that came to me, and a lot of things in between. Writing is soothing. Getting the words out of my head often allows me to relax and sometimes I come up with new ideas once I write an idea down. I guess you could say writing is part of my daily therapy.

To Remind Myself and Possibly Others

Recently, I have been writing a lot of articles about my life and the ideas that feel important at the moment I sit down to write. These articles have felt the most authentic to me over the last few months.

I don’t write with the goal of changing someone’s mind. Although I appreciate science and some of what I write about may have some scientific backing, I usually don’t include it in these articles. For me, these articles are just here to convey what works for me.

I often write things to remind myself about what I believe is important, and maybe others will be reminded as well. I write about how important gratitude has been in my life because I know it is important, but it still slips my mind sometimes. By writing about it, I hope to be a little more mindful of how much gratitude I’m showing in my life, and it definitely works in the short term at least. Every time I write an article in the morning, I find myself thinking about that article for the rest of the day and I follow through with those actions better than I did the day before. Those little changes in consistency can be important if done enough.


My writing is not filled with bold claims or crazy new ideas. It is subtle. The ideas I express may not be agreed upon by everyone, but I don’t think there is anything shocking to be found. They are simply the steps I have taken that have helped me enjoy and appreciate my life. In my writing, I celebrate daily actions and incremental change. I use words to relay my story and maybe some can relate to that story too.

Thank you for reading!

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