Finding Inspiring People

Life is too short to spend it with people that don’t excite and inspire me.

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This semester I feel like I have finally taken steps to meet people that genuinely inspire me. Through high school, I coincidentally made a few inspirational friends that I’m lucky to still be friends with, but I feel like I never took the next step to reach out to others and put myself in a position to meet people I’m inspired by.

This year, I feel like I’ve started trying to meet those people for the first time in my life. I’ve decided that taking action is the best path forward. It may not work and I may feel dumb or regretful for a few days, but in the end, I will be glad that I took the risk. Taking the action and becoming the person that takes risks to become who he wants to be is worth it on its own.

I think the issue with inspiring people is they don’t always make life easier. The people that amaze me are able to do what they do because they have spent so much time practicing. Inspiring people can make it feel like I am lagging behind. There personality and accomplishments are a source of inspiration and a source of frustration.

For years I stayed away from these people because I didn’t feel like I fit in. I created artificial requirements for being their friend and then decided I didn’t meet those requirements. So…instead of trying to meet them, I avoided them. I told myself that it was best to appreciate who they were but avoid any chance to get to know them.

I didn’t realize how important it is to make friends with people that inspire and amaze me.

The most important part of spending time with inspiring people is the way they can change how you view yourself and your capabilities. Watching someone do something you thought was impossible makes it a little more possible for you to do it as well. Knowing that person and spending time with them makes it even more possible for you to near their level of skill. You start to see and understand some of the ways they view the world and their passion. You’ll likely slowly take bits of these views and put them into your own life.

As I spend more time around people that inspire me, I start to get a little closer to their point-of-view. I keep the core of who I am but I slowly move in the direction they inspire me toward. In the process, I become more aligned with the vision I have for myself. Recently, I’ve been inspired to bring more creativity into my life. I’ve started taking pictures on my phone and learning about photography, videography, and editing. I have also started writing ideas for possible events and experiences to enjoy with others. I don’t know how far these things will go, but I’m enjoying it so far and I have a few ideas that I think could be good.

Inspiring people also help me see the positives within every moment. The people around me truly affect what I focus on. With certain people, I find myself unknowingly searching for problems with what I’m doing. I actively try to find problems, even when there aren’t any that are apparent. Inspiring people, however, help me focus on the main goal of what I’m doing. I spend my time focusing on the joy of writing an article or the benefits it might provide someone, instead of nitpicking over the grammar or getting a paragraph in and quitting. Inspiring people make it easier to have fun on both the easy and difficult tasks I do each day.

The truth is inspiring people are not always the easiest people to live with. They may push you, again and again, to be better than you were before. They help you move outside of your comfort zone and go after your dream job, a new best performance, or the crush you have had for the past year. Inspiring people help you attempt the things you have always wanted, but this also means facing new challenges you have not faced yet.


If you want to get anywhere near your biggest goals, you are probably going to need at least one or two inspiring friends in your life. You need to have those people that believe in you and push you forward when you start to second-guess yourself. Inspiring people will help you reach some of those goals you have dreamed of, you just have to be willing to accept the challenges they push you toward because they know you’re ready.

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