Hobbies Are An Activity of Love

Hobbies should be something you do solely out of love.

Photo by Marco Xu on Unsplash

I recently stumbled upon a few YouTube videos centered around photography. I don’t remember exactly how I got there, but the captivating photographs of beautiful landscapes were enough to make me stay. I was swept up in the process of creating such a beautiful image.

After watching a few videos, I remembered the camera that we had at one time and wondered if it was still around. After a few minutes of searching, I found it and decided I would take some photos of my own once the batteries were replaced.

The past couple of days, I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there for fun. My camera work is bad and I have no clue what I’m doing with editing software, but it’s something I enjoy doing. I don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it, I think that is how the best hobbies start.

Do It Because You Enjoy It

A hobby should be something you do because you enjoy it. It shouldn’t matter how good you are at it, that is what you have a career for. Currently, I would love to make a career in writing. It is something I want to be great at. I hope that people feel my articles on some emotional level and it would be amazing if something I wrote made a difference in someone’s life or caused them to think for a while about how they want to live. With my writing, I care about making an impact.

Ultimately, I don’t care how my photos make others feel. I don’t know how many people will even see them. I may keep all of them to myself. I’m perfectly content with that because I enjoy photography irrespective of what others think of it.

You Will Naturally Get Better

Getting good at your hobby shouldn’t be your main aim, but it is often a natural side effect. When you start enjoying something as a hobby, you end up doing it more and more. In essence, you’re practicing the skill. It may not be the same focused practice you perform for your career, but it is practice nonetheless. This practice will make you better.

With my photography, I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m also trying to create the best photos I can because that is what I enjoy. I have been watching a few new videos each day and I learn something new each. I don’t take notes on the videos like I would for a class but some of the information is remembered without any rehearsal on my part. I then go out and use this information and it is further solidified in my memory.

Your hobbies may be something you want to diligently practice and that is amazing, just know you don’t have to. You can go do what you love without a care in the world and you will almost certainly learn a thing or two without making it a priority.

Set Aside Time for Hobbies

If you’re searching for a new hobby or have one that you want to do more of, you have to create some time for it. This doesn’t require a strict schedule, but you should have a general idea. Do you want to do it before work or after work? Is there a league or group you would like to join? When do they meet?

Life can be busy, but creating a game plan for when you’re going to do something increases the chance that you will get to it. So many times our hobbies and desires are overshadowed by other responsibilities because we don’t take the time to figure out when we want to do them. Creating a game plan for your hobbies is essential to make sure you have the time to do them.

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid of doing what you love simply because you think you’re bad at it. Explore new opportunities, let yourself experiment, and focus on having fun. Hobbies don’t rely on your skill. You don’t need to make money off of them or create a global movement. They’re something you do solely for yourself. Love your hobbies without conditions.

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