3 Ways Crying Makes You Stronger

Crying can be a show of strength, not weakness.

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash

It’s been a long time since I truly cried. I think it might be more than a year at this point. Some might say that it is a good thing. They may argue it’s a sign of strength or power, but I don’t think that is true. I believe crying over important things can be one of our greatest strengths.

You Cry Because You Care

If something has ever driven you to tears, it was likely because you cared about it deeply. Caring about something is often the first step in moving toward change. When you shed tears over injustice in your life or the world, you can take it as a sign to yourself that you care.

Once you understand this, you can look for ways to make a difference. Could you save 5% of your weekly salary to donate to an important charity? Maybe, you could volunteer your time to an important cause? Caring is the first requirement for action and crying over it might be the first tip that you truly care about something.

Crying Forms the Basis for Empathy

Showing someone that you care about them is important. Few actions are as powerful as when we’re moved to tears by a friend’s struggle or a family member nearing the end of their life. While these events are often painful, there is a silver lining of love and friendship in the tears.

I remember years ago I used to watch videos of large crowds singing songs along with the artists. Just reading through the comments, I could see these songs held very personal meanings for people. For many, it reminded them of a passed loved one, family member, or friend. Through sharing their story, they had created a sense of community. A community that found strength through their hardship and tears.

Looking through these videos created mixed feelings, which I believe are hidden in many of the times we cry. It was heart-wrenching to read about the things people had gone through but it was combined with a wonderful sense of support and care.

Tears can form a bond that goes beyond conversation, allowing us to better manage the pain we may be feeling.

Tears Can Be the Greatest Form of Resilience

Crying has often been viewed in the past as a form of weakness. Luckily, society as a whole is starting to shift toward focusing on the strength required to cry. As much as we may want to avoid our struggles, we’ve all reached the end of our capabilities at one time or another. The tears that often signify the extent of our capabilities are a sign that we are going through something challenging. In many cases, crying is not giving into a difficult situation, it’s actually the first step of confronting it.

Confronting a situation requires our emotions to meet the level of the situation. If you’re doing the hardest thing you’ve ever done, your emotions are almost guaranteed to run high, hence the tears you get. Suppressing emotions, however, is often a way we hide the truths of a situation from ourselves. We try to hide how hard it is and how much we’re struggling. Crying is a release of our pet up stress so that we can better focus on the challenges ahead.

We can choose to see crying as a part of our resilience in any given situation.

In Conclusion

Crying is a personal experience. Some of us cry a lot, others, like myself, rarely cry. Decades ago, crying was seen as a weakness, but things are now changing for the better. In the end, crying is what we make of it. We have the power to decide whether tears form the basis of our strength or our weakness. If we choose to see it as part of our strength, we allow ourselves to see other opportunities that crying may show.

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